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No one wants you healthier than God does.

How are you doing with your New Year's Resolution to lose weight?  What a tough question to ask after January and February, right?  Have no fear, friend, for I'd like to offer you three Biblical alternatives to dieting.  Yes, the Bible has tons to say about how we interact with food!  If you can't stand the idea of continuing that diet any longer, but you do love God and love pursuing Him, then listen to the 10th episode of the Christian Health Coach Podcast!

Joshua Crawford is a Nationally certified fitness trainer through NASM and holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Master's in Exercise Science.  Since 2002, he's been a fitness trainer, gym owner, health coach; now he's the Christian Health Coach, helping you follow Christ in your eating and exercise.  Find more information on and check out the book, Healthy God, Healthy You on today!

What does our physical body say about Jesus?  Does God care how fast we lose weight?  Do these questions even matter and, more importantly, are they answered in the Bible? 

We cover all this today on The Christian Health Coach Podcast!  On this little show, we seek out God to help us in our relationships with food and exercise.  Listen in if you're done with the world's crazy weight loss methods and ready to hear what God has to say!

The Christian Health Coach Podcast is hosted by Joshua Crawford, who holds a Masters Degree in Exercise Science and numerous fitness certifications; he also wrote Healthy God, Healthy You - available on Amazon now!  Find more at

Is there a difference between doing healthy things and being healthy?  Which way does God's character align with?  All that and more on this 8th episode of the Christian Health Coach Podcast!

Joshua Crawford, the Christian Health Coach is available on and on Facebook and Instagram as Christian Health Coach!  He's also written, Healthy God, Healthy You:  A Bible-based, Christ-exalting approach to weight loss.  Find it on

In Episode 7, we again dive into Healthy God, Healthy You, my new book, available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions.  Today, we're covering the idea of eating out of God's hand.  What does that mean?  Can this really be the key to leaving diets behind forever and getting a healthy body?  We also look at God's care and attention to us, even to our messy hair - and our health.

Joshua Crawford has a Master's Degree in Exercise Science and has been a fitness trainer, gym owner, and health coach for 17 years.  However, the most important thing that guides him is His relationship with Jesus Christ. 

This episode is part 3 of the 6 week study on Healthy God, Healthy You, the book I wrote during my 40 pound weight loss journey.  Today, we unpack diets.  Are they Biblical?  Does it matter?  We also look into food being a shadow that points to Jesus.  Say what?  We'll talk about it - just give it a listen!

If you're a Christian, your love and worship of Jesus Christ can change your entire life - your health and fitness included.  That's what my ministry is about.  Find me on and Christian Health Coach on Facebook.

What does the Bible say about desire?  Does God even care about our health?  These questions are addressed today as we continue to hit the high points of Healthy God, Healthy You - a new book that approaches weight loss through a Biblical and Christ-exalting perspective. 

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In Episode 4, we start a 6-week study on the new book, Healthy God, Healthy You.  Do you trust God with your health?  Do you believe He cares about what you eat, drink, and whether or not you exercise? 

In today's study, we begin to unpack the Biblical reality that God is after our hearts in the area of our health.  He cares about what we do, but also what we desire - and that's where all the work is done. 

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Join Joshua Crawford, author of Healthy God, Healthy You, for a Biblical look at how we're eating and drinking in light of Jesus' resurrection.  Does the fact that Jesus lives impact our diet at all?  Should it? 

The Christian Health Coach Podcast is hosted by Joshua Crawford who has a Masters in Exercise Science and 17 years of experience in the fitness industry.  More information can be found at!  Also, check out Healthy God, Healthy You now on Amazon.

The Christian Health Coach Podcast is back for episode 2!  In this edition, host Joshua Crawford continues diving into the bold statement of, "No one wants you to be healthier than God does."

A few questions addressed in this episode:  If we're a set apart people, should Christians expect God to favor their health?  Do you maintain the outside of your temple just as you do the inside?  Does it matter?  Can our health ever be outside of God's control?  We also talk about kicking the soda habit!

If you're at your wit's end about managing your weight and getting healthy, you've found the podcast that points everything back to your Creator!  Turn your volume up and invite God right into your health - you won't regret it! 

Welcome to the Christian Health Coach Podcast!  Learn about health from a Christian perspective with Joshua Crawford, a 15-year veteran of the fitness industry.  Joshua has been a fitness trainer, gym owner, and now a health coach.  He's earned a Masters degree in Exercise Science and carries numerous fitness certifications but all of that means little compared to one truth he's learned:  no one wants you to be healthier than God does.  Do you believe that statement?  After this first episode, hopefully, you will!

Dive into God's heart for your health as we chat about carbs, food addictions, and even getting motivation to exercise from the Gospel of Jesus.  For more information, check out or email Joshua at